Reviews – Shot X Shot

Author: Michael Anton Parker
Source: Downtown Music Gallery April 2006

Shot x Shot is a precocious quartet of young guys finding their place in the tradition of jazz as creative improvised music and not beating a dead bop horse . . . When the ensemble erupts it feels organic and purposeful; their lanquidity is restraint for the sake of nuance, not a rut for the sake of a concept. It’s the kind of jazz where structural experimentalism is matched by an unfailing devotion to melody of the achingly tender, wandering Berne variety even when it works its way into bark and bluster. In his enthusiastic liner notes Francis Davis goes as far as comparing the horn frontline to Konitz/Marsh. The spacious, open feeling is magnified by the recording conditions, a large church with cavernous reverb. I went to see this group play a record release gig last night and they had my rapt attention from start to finish. This record also casts a spell with its bristling tapestry of introspection. These guys have the elusive group chemistry and personal depth that deserves the attention of serious jazz fans.”


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