Public Record: Echolocation

Public Record - Echolocation

  1. Comfortability – Collette Columbirch Remix
  2. Fake Rain – Malcolm Ross & James Locke Remix
  3. Fall of the Fruit – Alasdair MacLean Remix
  4. Comfortability – Arc In Round Remix
  5. Heavy Ornament – Portastatic “Heavy Thumbs” Remix
  6. Mermaid’s Purse – Mark Robinson Remix
  7. Fall of the Fruit – Quentin Stoltzfus Remix Download Fall of the Fruit – Quentin Stoltzfus Remix
  8. Fake Rain – A Sunny Day In Glasgow “Twitch On The Thread” Remix
  9. Fall of the Fruit – Guy Picciotto “Prelapsarian Fog” Remix
  10. French Suburb – Kevin Diehl “Banlieu Philly” Remix
  11. French Suburb – Solus Remix

Gareth Duffield: guitar, keyboards
Brent Bohan: bass
Greg Pavlovcak: guitar
Hilary Baker: alto sax
Ted Johnson: drums, percussion
Matt Lyons: drums, percussion
Charles Duquesne: drums, percussion

Public Record’s second release, Echolocation, finds the band in full-on collaboration mode as they join forces with 11 bands/artists of differing musical backgrounds to remix and rethink five songs from the band’s 2008 self-titled debut album from High Two. Echolocation boasts an original mixture of artists that should surprise those listeners expecting a typical brand of remix album. Individuals like Guy Picciotto (Fugazi, Rites Of Spring), Alasdair MacLean (The Clientele), Mac McCaughan (Superchunk, Portastatic), and Quentin Stoltzfus (Mazarin) are here remixing for the first time alongside famed indie rock producer/remixer Mark Robinson (Unrest, Air Miami). Also featured are remixes by some promising new and underground acts like A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Collette Columbirch, and Arc In Round. The inclusion of  Malcolm Ross (Josef K, Orange Juice) should also excite – especially, for those fans of Scottish Postcard pop & ’80s post-punk.

Echolocation is an energizing blend of the experimental and presents a surprisingly cohesive collection of separate pieces and ideas. Where most remix albums are acknowledged for few highlights and much disjointedness, Public Record and friends have given us a complete album.

Features the first remixes ever by Guy Picciotto (Fugazi, Rites Of Spring), Alasdair MacLean (The Clientele), Mac McCaughan (Superchunk,  Portastatic) & Quentin Stoltzfus (Mazarin).

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