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  2. Otis
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  8. Hip Gout

Inzinzac is a band that ignores borders. Led by French-born guitarist Alban Bailly, the trio’s sound references a wide swath of influences including atonal no-wave rock, Eastern European melodies, free jazz and Japanese noise bands. The result is a borderless sound that stretches beyond the usual sound of guitar, sax and drums – intense, razor-sharp, and yet still entrenched in melody.

Bailly left France in 2005 and settled in Philadelphia, a city that has given birth to a litany of unique rock bands like Bardo Pond, Man Man,  Need New Body, and Make A Rising as well as home to unique spirits like
Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman’s Primetime band, Sonic Liberation Front, and Jack Wright. Quickly absorbing this creative underground, Bailly began writing for a small group with a big sound. As a trio, Inzinzac has the ability to both be loud and abrasive and quickly make abrupt turns with each musician’s sound still being clear. On the band’s debut album, Inzinzac shows off not only Bailly’s unique compositions, but all the unique talents of each

With saxophonist Dan Scofield (Shot x Shot, Sonic Liberation Front, Man Man) whose background was rooted in free jazz, and drummer Eli Litwin (Normal Love, Intensus, Dillinger Escape Plan) whose primary interest is
in metal, Inzinzac instantly strikes (galvanizes) not only because of its unique sound, but the impressive technicality of the musicians. Bailly is also a member of the modern tango unit Oscuro Quintet, and regularly plays in free-improvisation settings. Scofield created and co-led the Philadelphia free jazz quartet Shot x Shot, plays in Bobby Zankel’s large ensemble, and was a member of Sonic Liberation Front and Man Man. Litwin
is a founding member of Normal Love, and his solo project Intensus will be released later this year on Metal Blade Records.

Across the album’s eight songs and 48 minutes, Inzinzac moves through a plethora of styles, structures, and time signatures. Although all of the pieces were composed by Bailly, the trio finds plenty of room for
individual and collective improvisation. Without overtly showing off their individual skills or blatantly shifting styles, Inzinzac has created an masterful debut record that is not easily compared to any other band.

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