High Two is a record label based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was launched in 2004 with the release of music by Dave Burrell and Sonic Liberation Front. High Two has since released records by A Cricket in Times Square, Adam Arcuragi, Make A Rising, Arc and Sender, Shot × Shot, Normal Love, Cynthia G. Mason, and His Name is Alive. The label has been praised for re-launching the career of Burrell, presenting Philadelphia-based artists like Adam Arcuragi and Make A Rising to national audiences, and bringing Sonic Liberation Front to international prominence.

In 2007, High Two released the third album from Bitter Bitter Weeks, the acclaimed project of producer/engineer Brian McTear, who has recorded a number of bands at his Miner Street Recordings including Espers, Danielson, The A-Sides, and The Bigger Lovers. In November 2007, High Two released its most popular record, Sweet Earth Flower by His Name Is Alive. On the album, His Name Is Alive (including members of Nomo in this incarnation) perform the music of jazz icon Marion Brown. The album’s title a reference to two Brown compositions, “Sweet Earth Flying” and “November Cotton Flower.”

In 2011, High Two will present the debut album of French-born guitarist Alban Bailly and his project Inzinzac as well as the collaborative recordings of Sonic Liberation Front and pioneering jazz drummer Sunny Murray.

The label’s music has been acclaimed by Rolling Stone, NPR, Pitchfork.com, Downbeat, JazzTimes, Signal To Noise, The Wire, Paste, Magnet, and others.

High Two is distributed through Nail/Allegro in the United States and Canada. All of our titles are available as downloads and by mail order through this site. Our titles can also be purchased through iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon, as well as other online stores.